I will be teaching a module of the 1st year PhD sequence at AEDE this spring, focused on applied econometrics in development. Below are the courses that I taught or TA’ed for at Cornell, as a graduate student.

Instructor (Cornell)

AEM 1106: Food Systems in the Developing World: Health, Poverty, Opportunity
I created this First Year Writing Seminar myself, funded by the Knight Institute for Writing in the Disciplines. View my syllabus, a few midterm comments and my final teaching evaluation from Fall 2014, or a few midterm comments from Fall 2015.

Teaching Assistant (Cornell)

AEM 2000: Contemporary Controversies in the Global Economy, fall 2010 with Christopher B Barrett
AEM 4300: International Trade Policy, spring 2011 with Nancy Chau
AEM 3500: Investments in Global Economy, fall 2013 with Edith Liu
AEM 7100: Econometrics 1, spring 2014 with Shanjun Li
AEM 2601: Managerial Economics 2, spring 2015, with Sharon Poczter